Daniel Tregeagle

Assistant Professor and Extension Ag Econ Specialist; Economics Team

Daniel Tregeagle

Dr. Tregeagle is an assistant professor and extension specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. His work is focused on the economics of specialty crops and the economics of agricultural policy more generally. Applications have included analyzing agro-environmental policy, market analysis, minimizing costs of processing supply chains, and optimizing orchard replacement.

He holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in agricultural and resource economics from the University of California, Berkeley as well as a Bachelor of Resource Economics (Hons. 1M) from the University of Sydney, Australia. During his postdoctoral studies at the University of California, Davis, Dr. Tregeagle co-authored several inter-disciplinary reports for the California Department of Food and Agriculture analyzing the expected impacts of proposed pesticide regulations.

Current work includes estimating the value of improved disease resistance for cucurbit crops, studying specialty crop supply elasticities, and preparing specialty crop budgets.

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